Where I have been and where I am.

I am a nosey person. It has been that way my entire life. If I like you chances are I have looked at every picture on your Facebook page, and nowhere to find you on most social media outlets.

For some reason, was feeling melancholy. A little unlovable and with nothing better to do today, I snooped myself. I looked at every photo I have every posted on Facebook. I wish I had not deleted my MySpace.

Memories flooded me. Some great, some heartbreaking. This is a list of things I’ve learned.

I was really fat. (three chins in one photo)
I have loved with everything.
I have been loved.
I have experienced amazing things.
I look better blonde.
I am a junkie for speed (watercraft, motorcycles – no matter)
The core people in my life stay in my life.
There is no rhyme or reason to the people I have dated.
I am not photogenic.
I have lived, really lived.
The beach is my favorite place.
Inspiration for me is still found in words.

To know where you are going, you have to know where you have been. I enjoyed my flashback today. So what today I am not feeling very lovable, I am tired and cranky. I have a pretty amazing life, and lots of amazing people in it. I really am living my best life. I might not be doing it every day, but I am working on it. I am humbled by the people who share this life with me. It’s to short, live it without regret. Tell the people you love that you love them. Kiss babies. Stay up too late. Get rid of all the things that are toxic in your life. It’s okay to still love someone, but don’t let them hold power of you. Be accountable for your own happiness. And that’s where this girl is.


~ by cutefatgirl on March 11, 2013.

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