To say the least, my 34th year has started with a jolt.

I find myself working through things.  Struggling, restarting and constantly analyzing.   I realize in recent weeks, I have lost site of one of the things I like best about myself – I am an eternal optimist.  My sister will tell you on any given day, I wake up shooting sunshine out my ass.  I love people, and my positive attitude.  Sometimes, I forget what I have to be grateful about and I am holding myself accountable…listing 5 things EVERYDAY!

1.  That my conditioner faintly smells of cherry blossoms.

2.  That I have great friends, friends who stand by me, who support me and love me:  Scott & Trish, David, Steve & Stacey.  Thank you.  They like me even when I am an asshole – I know it’s unbelievable, but it happens.

3.  That I am able to have an open conversation with the big guy upstairs.  Sometimes prayer does it.

4.  My sister is freaking amazing.  I love her.  She  always knows what not to say.

5.  The comfort that a grey t-shirt can bring.

6.  That I have an amazing manager.  When today just proved to be more than I could take, and I found myself balling and turning red in the dishpit, he was there.  Instead of yelling at me for ignoring my table, he put his hand on my shoulder and said:  What goes around comes around, You put great things out there, it will come back.

After being up every hour on the hour last night, that’s all I got.  I am self medicating with Nyquil and Aleeve.  I am a fat waitress that worked a double today – I need it!


~ by cutefatgirl on September 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gratitude.”

  1. I have a grey t-shirt, with an Atlanta Braves logo, and it’s full of holes. It’s my absolute favorite thing to sleep in. It is comfort and security, like a child’s blankie. I too, am grateful for grey t-shirts!

  2. I love gray t-shirts too!!!

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