Father’s Day…and other man related stuff.

I celebrated my first father’s day this year.  I bought a father’s day card for a man who was I wasn’t dating.  I went shopping for dad shorts.  We had the traditional celebratory dinner in my family: ribeyes.  It was all new and I gotta be honest, it was pretty neat.  This dad thing is pretty cool.

So I got to contemplating men and their impact.  I have always had daddy issues – long before my dad killed himself.  I have said on many occasions “I have watched the men in my life walk out so many times, I am always waiting for them to do so.”  I am here to admit, I was wrong.  I was looking for the negative I think.

When thinking about men and Father’s Day, I realized I know some awesome men:

My dad – he rocks.  He came into our situation when I was 32 and rebecca was 28.  We were grown, and still treats us like we are his.  Sometimes I think he loves us as much as my mom.  When I say my parents it is the most natural feeling.  He nurtures our relationships not only as a family, but individually.  He has shown me what a real dad is.

I have a friend P, and although we don’t talk as much as I like, he is one of the most incredible people I know. Even though he doesn’t do thing on the terms I would like, he does what he can. He is hardworking, loyal and kind.  Everytime I have needed him, he has been my own personal hero.  He is no reason to help me other than he is just a stand up guy. And today, when we talked, I didn’t even tell him Happy Birthday cause I suck.  He has shown me what real compassion is.

My friend S, a better communicator than anyone I know.  He has a clear vision, and is always thoughtful.  We can talk about anything.  He is loyal, dedicated and loves his family endlessly.  He has shown me what real character is.

I know several men who fought for their kids, who are great dads.  Everyone is no the same.  Everyone doesn’t leave.  For the first time I think I am starting to realize that.

So even though I know every man is not the same, looking at the men in my life – I realized I do have strong masculine presence in my life, and my real dad – he didn’t ruin me.  That was a Happy Father’s Day to me.


~ by cutefatgirl on June 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Father’s Day…and other man related stuff.”

  1. My dad is pretty awesome. We’ve had our issues, but for the most part, we get along.

  2. Your Dad sounds awesome!

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