Dear Iphone:

You are without a doubt the love of my life.  How I have managed to survive all these years without you.  How much easier everything is now.  I just look over at you in all your shininess and smile.


Your adoring user

Dear Josh Lyman,

Due to the lack of new material on the West Wing, my love is growing stale.  Your not doing a good job of keeping it fresh.  I have no choice but to break up with you.  I can’t even find you in reruns on Bravo anymore.



Dear Akon:

You have been selected as my new pretend boyfriend.  Unlike my last one, you are a real person, not a fictional character.  I love your story, your strength and your six pack.  I look forward to many hours of fantasizing.  You would love me too, if you ever met me.


Girl who wants to jump your bones.

Dear Summer,

I have missed you so much!  I love you.  I am adoring the days of poolside drinks, nighttime swims, longer days and the beach.  Stay with us as long as you can.



Dear Publix:

Thank you for your BOGO Free offers.  I now have more propel than I can ever drink, or more cookies than I should eat.  Since I rarely make it past that section, it’s an awful diet.




~ by cutefatgirl on May 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Letters”

  1. The only thing about dating Akon is that he’s probably only going to talk in autotune to you – but if that’s not a date fail – go for it!

  2. Your heart is full of love! I love my smart phone too.

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