Roller Coasters make me want to puke.

I ride roller coasters.  I hate them.  As I am standing in line, my adrenaline is pumping I am excited.  I am smiling, but my stomach is bubbling.   I get in the seat, the bar comes down.  I think I will throw up.  I question why do I do this to myself? The ride takes off…my heart is thumping out of my chest.  I am freaking stupid.  As my body is jerked around:  I question… why??? I chose this.

The ride ends.  I feel a rush and there is color in my cheeks.  I can’t wait to get in line for the next one.

5k’s make me feel the same way.  I am in line for the next one.   Rebecca and I are going to walk the Corporate 5k on April 14th.  Hopefully the rest of my familia – Jenn, Rhonda and Bre will walk with us.  I am in that excited part right now.  I have a couple of weeks before I feel the anxiety.

The difference is all in origin.  I rode my first roller coaster in 9th grade.  I went to Busch Gardens with my friend Donnie and his sister and her boyfriend – they were seniors.  I didn’t want to be the scared freshman who wouldn’t ride.  I was scared.  I did it.

When I chose to walk my first 5K.  I did it because I wanted to. I wanted to show myself I could.  I wanted to treat my body as well as I treat other people – to be a better version of me.

So, I am in line… and doing this again.



~ by cutefatgirl on March 31, 2011.

6 Responses to “Roller Coasters make me want to puke.”

  1. Go girl! Wish I could be more like you!

  2. Yay! Run that 5k!

  3. Good for you! I do love me a good roller coaster. I don’t like the rides that drop you straight down.

  4. WhooHoo! So proud of you!

    I can’t do roller coasters anymore. Something happened when I became an adult – my body was just like, “nope. Fuck it. Go on the teacups or something.”

    Your body will love you for showing it that it CAN do this. 🙂

  5. That’s wonderful! I’ve never done one. I have considered it before so that it could be a good excuse to get out of the house.

  6. This is great!!! I’m training for my 5k right now. It’s absolutely AMAZING when you do something you didn’t believe you could. It’s just fantastic.

    Go us!!

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