The other side.

I have been reading all my blog posts, from the past several years.   I realized my writing seems to be focusing on the hurt and the pain.  That is not the whole story though.  I am content.  There are many good things happening for me as well.  In the past year, it’s been the highest high’s and the lowest lows.   Some great things are going down:

  1. I got a dad: My mom met my dad the night R proposed to me.  It’s bittersweet.  Having a dad rocks!  He does dad stuff, takes me to lunch, and has the dad point of view.   Its kinda weird though, my mom is a cradle robbing, and I have dated men older than him.  🙂  It is completely awesome though.
  2. My job: I am doing well at work.  I even got a shiny gold award pin yesterday, I have been mentioned in our company magazine.  I have regulars.  It pays the bills.  I even like it, except when my feet want to fall off.
  3. My body: I weigh less than I weighed when I got dumped.  I just walked a 5K and have another one on the books.
  4. My home: I have cute digs, and my sister is my neighbor, it works for me.
  5. My mom: the relationship is better than it has been in many years.  Like since I was six.

So although the pain right now is very real, it is not all bad.  I am making it.



~ by cutefatgirl on March 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “The other side.”

  1. You sure are! Seeing the good is sometimes hard when the bad wants to suck what life you have left out of you. I have had that lately…the bad trying to overpower me in every way it can. Those simple things I always talk about looking sort of dull and gloomy. But I still think wildflowers are the best, birds are my song books, green grass and blue skies are a miracle and rain is Gods way of washing away all the garbage and the rainbow that follows to remind you he is watching you from afar. It hasn’t always stopped the tears and some days the bad overwhelms the good but friends like you and one of those simple little things happening reminds me to smile…that tomorrow has infinite possibilities and all is good in the world for now. (or at least it will be again soon, lol) Glad you love your job and it is so cool you live near your sister! So proud of you for the 5K. I have never done one just from fear of not finishing it or being last to do so…having a dad is a great gift!! I would be lost without mine. Think you should feel tremendously blessed for having a relationship with your mom that is stable and loving…that to me is amazing and something to cherish…having a mom to love you and who you can talk to is a real gift! Love ya Lisa!!!

  2. Of course you’re making it! And you’re doing it gloriously. Loving the journey, each step we take until we can’t take a another one, is really the only way to live – I think.

    Time is the only road there is, and it only goes one direction. Love yourself with every footstep. 🙂

  3. Yup, you are definately making it. Yay 🙂

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