My bed hugs me…

I recently acquired a new bed.  It was desperately needed, let me tell you.  My old was horrible.  It leaned, and I couldn’t sleep.   It was really affecting my quality of live.

My new bed is a temperedic.  I love it.  How awesome is it to have a bed that hugs you.  I curl up in the middle of it… and it embraces me, no matter how bad my day has been.  My bed is a little possessive, it doesn’t like me to leave it.

That has started a world of bad habits.  I eat in bed, blog from bed, talk on the phone in bed, read in bed and watch tv in bed.  I spend very little time in my living room at all.  I am pretty desperate for that hug.

All kidding aside though, I love the new bed.  I am looking forward to purchasing some new bedding to go with it…


~ by cutefatgirl on March 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “My bed hugs me…”

  1. We always wondered about those beds! Keep me posted on how it holds up over the next couple of years…the springs on ours always tend to hurt our backs after a year or so.

  2. I LOVE my temperpedic (well, American Signature’s version of it). I bought it before Steve and I were living together though. My only complaint is that I got a Queen instead of a King. We really need a King!

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