’cause my heart is bigger

Today was a day.  I dropped my wallet in the break room when I was leaving work today.  Someone turned it in, minus the three days of tips in it.   That’s what I get for being such a slack ass about going to the bank.   I was really hurt though, this is someone I work with, someone I know.  I have to believe that karma will come back to them.  For now, I am just mad.  It just seems like I can’t catch a break lately.

Weight Watchers was a good, positive thing today.  I actually lost 2.8 pound.  This is my sixth consecutive week of losing weight and I am pretty damn happy about that.   I came home and celebrated with a movie on the couch.

Then to end my day in tears, came a phone call from my sister.  She was relaying a conversation that she had with our niece today.  It was one in which she convinced Cyla she  loved her more, because her heart was bigger.

I used to tell Ry’s boys – who I still love with all my heart – that I loved them more because my heart was bigger.  I didn’t realize I got that from my mother.  I didn’t realize how easily I loved them, and how I shared so much of my own childhood with them.  I miss them so very much.

On this sad note, I am going to go curl up and go night night.


~ by cutefatgirl on February 18, 2011.

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