Guilty Pleasures.

This term has come into my world twice in two days.  I must have been meant to write about it.   A woman came into work the other night and she is like alfredo sauce is my guilty pleasure.  Today on twitter, someone was listing their guilty pleasures.  So I got to thinking about it.  What is a guilty pleasure?  What are mine?

A guilty pleasure is something that brings you pleasure, even though you feel guilty about it.

My top ten Guilty Pleasures:

1.  Spending an entire day in bed:  It’s my favorite way to spend a day.  Relaxing, reading, watching TV.  I seldom let it happen because I feel so guilty about it.

2.  Cupcake Wars:  Have you seen this show?  It is mind numbing and the commentary cheesy, but I love it.  They should do a non professional version and let me wow them with my pina colada cupcakes.

3.  Nyquil: It’s not just for cold season.  It doesn’t matter wants wrong with me.  It can be a cold, cramps, a sore muscle, aching feet the solution is the same:  Nyquil.  It warms me when it goes down and makes me feel all warm and cozy.

4.  Romances:  Harlequins and other assorted 230 page small paperbacks.  I try to always read best sellers, biographies and self help but on my book shelf you will always find these “escape my life” books.

5.  Bingo: It’s an old ladies game, but I love it.  It started years ago, and I still play any chance I can.  I even have a date to play next month.

6.  Internet:  I love my blog more than some people, Facebook is my friend and I am cranky if I don’t start Sundays with Post Secret.

7.  Good restaurants:  I love to eat out.  I would rather not eat than have fast food.  I like to eat at places that have table service, and preferably not a casual dining experience.  I love high-end restaurants, high-end service and truffle macaroni and cheese that melts in my mouth.  They way to my heart is certainly through the doors of the Capital Grill.

8.  Good Beer:  I like to drink beer.  Only the good stuff though.  Belgian Beer, Blue Moon and Peroni.  Sadly, It’s never on sale at Publix or on Happy Hour at the Ale House.  I’d rather not drink than drink a Bud Light.

9.  Candles and Laundry Soap: Sometimes I spend more on candles and laundry soap in a week than I do food.  A girl likes what she likes.

10.  Being Pretty:  I know God made us look that way, and I know it is wrong to be cocky.  When I look in the mirror though, I know I am pretty… and I like it.


~ by cutefatgirl on February 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures.”

  1. Seriously, why do people drink Bud Light? Such a waste of money. And good beer calories.

    Nyquil: It’s not just for cold season. *snort!*

  2. Jane Austen is my crutch! Nyquil scares me, lol. I blame it on Mary Poppins! I have never been big on beer but toss me a cup of specialty tea and add some flavor coffee creamer and you find my weakness in life! Guily pleasures make life worth living, when we forget the simple things that make the world go round we forget to live! :0)

  3. I’m with you on restaurants. I don’t spend an entire day in bed, but I do on the couch. Love it.

  4. Great list.

    I love Cupcake Wars too. Always makes me want a fancy cupcake.

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