52 Things for 52 Weeks

I am jumping on the 52 Week List.  This list is Fifty Two things I want to do year.  Not only will I get to push myself to do fifty two things, I will have much joy in crossing them off my list!

  1. post to this blog every week.
  2. volunteer at least once a month.
  3. read a book every week.
  4. write a note telling someone why I appreciate them every week.
  5. accept things that I cannot change.
  6. take a vitamin every day.
  7. take a cooking class.
  8. comment on five blogs per week.
  9. quit pepsi.
  10. sponsor a child in another country.
  11. use coupons.
  12. stick to weight watchers.
  13. walk.
  14. open a christmas club account.
  15. register for some kind of class.
  16. spend quality time with the women in my life.
  17. make love somewhere I shouldn’t.
  18. ride in a hot air balloon.
  19. send something homemade to five people this year.
  20. individually take the kids in my family to lunch.
  21. compliment someone every day.
  22. learn to say I love you in five languages.
  23. forgive someone.
  24. pay attention to the people in my life.
  25. see some live theatre.
  26. buy something from a struggling artist.
  27. host a game night.
  28. send a birthday card.
  29. eat dinner at a fabulous resturaunt and dress up.
  30. visit a friend out of town that you havent seen in a while.
  31. get an online pen pal in another country.
  32. finish a scrap book.
  33. visit a musuem.
  34. grow something.
  35. become a better scrabble player.
  36. learn to lose gracefully.
  37. smile more.
  38. learn to quilt.
  39. stay at a bed and breakfast.
  40. take my mother to lunch.
  41. write a letter about good service I recieved.
  42. always say Thank you.
  43. have a picnic under the stars.
  44. get a passport.
  45. be passionate about something.
  46. get a massage.
  47. learn a new word every day.
  48. join a book club.
  49. send flowers to someone.
  50. learn to tie a tie.
  51. make my own bread.
  52. really celebrate st. patrick’s day.

~ by cutefatgirl on January 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “52 Things for 52 Weeks”

  1. That is an amazing list! I made one for the new year too but yours has a lot of great ideas on it!

  2. Lora… Thank you! What was on your list?

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