A gift to me.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.  – A. D’Angelo

I love routine.  I take comfort in the mundane things in life that get done everyday.  I like knowing things with be the same, the laundry will still need to be done and my chicken dish will still taste just as good every time.  I think that spontaneity is overrated.  I will never get in the car and take a last minute road trip.  I love planning and seldom do something without one.  I am not a go as the day takes me kind of girl.   Lately,  because of all the changes, I am feeling unsettled.  Things have been crazy and not going according to plan.  It makes me cranky.

Do you every feel like life is just one long to do list?  With the move coming up, packing, the recent trip to Georgia I feel like I am constantly working a list.  I always have something to do, am running late for something, or juggling something. When I can’t get it all done, I want to scream.  Then I find myself very frustrated, and apologizing.  I actually raised my voice and dropped the F- bomb in front of my mother Saturday.  Not Cool.

So I am taking my very own time out, giving myself the gift of time.  I am going to enjoy a cup of tea, an episode of mike & molly, a picnic.   I going to embrace these little hurdles without hurt feelings.  Sieze the day.

What is your favorite way to spend some down time?


~ by cutefatgirl on November 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “A gift to me.”

  1. I like to lose myself in a book. I’m a voracious reader (just ask Steve. He’ll tell you my nose is always in a book). When I pick up a good book I immerse myself in it. In my mind’s eye I see the characters and the scenes that are being explained. It’s kind of like my own personal movie version of the book in my head.

  2. I like to read or watch my TV shows in peace. With no kids running around.

  3. Good for you! Take it easy. Comfort yourself. I love to lay in my wonderful, wonderful bed and watch Tivo’d stuff on our TV. I don’t get to do it often.

  4. Stace: I love to read .. we should do a book swap!

  5. i love routine too..sometimes it’s ok to break out of it. even if it’s something small 🙂
    Reading and watching shows on the DVR is a great way to decompress!

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