The most perfect food.

I love food.  We have had an i-love-you-too-much relationship my whole life.  In general the more carbs it contains, the better I like it.  I love the whole spectrum:  truffle mac and cheese at timpano’s to the very early waffle house raisin toast I had this morning, cold stone ice cream to my mom’s glorious grilled cheese.  I know you are all wondering why I am fat.  It’s ok, sometimes it’s worth it.  Whoever said nothing tastes as good as thin feels never ate my sisters sausage  gravy biscuits.  I’m just saying.

My sister has turned me on to a world of yummy food in addition to my homegrown favorites.  I have opened up my mind quite a bit in recent years in regard to the food I eat.  It’s funny, back when I wasn’t broke, I took Rebecca to the most awesome restaurants.  I could never get her to eat anything besides chicken fingers. Now she is the one forcing me to expand my horizons – eat new things.  Speaking of new things, has anyone seen the new olive garden commercial?  That chicken sacchetti looks amazing.  I can’t wait to eat it.

I have decided the most perfect food ever is cake.  I love it.  I am picky about most things, but not cake.  I prefer it to be homemade with hand stirred frosting, but I will gobble down a piece of store-bought birthday cake.  When I am sad, depressed, happy or excited I head straight to the bakery section.  I will eat it  in any form: cake, cupcakes, petit fours.  I just want it.  I can’t watch a cake show or look at the cake wrecks blog without wanting to indulge. 

I went to a child’s birthday party sunday – and I couldn’t wait for the cake.  It was my lucky day – it was even white cake.  I brought my sister home a piece, and was envious when she ate it yesterday.  I love cake. Cake is my friend.

What is your most perfect food?


~ by cutefatgirl on October 26, 2010.

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