birds – the real life version

Rebecca and I went to our friends for dinner tonight.  It was his birthday (Happy, Happy Birthday  Fryer), and we went over after work today.  We had dinner, did the dishes, and settled in for some fabulous tv watching.   We watched Mike&Molly which I totally loved!  I so relate to Molly. 

Fryer has a bird, that is 14 years old, and is very attached to Fryer.  Even though I think my sister is the most awesome girl in the world, Willy the bird does not agree.   When Rebecca walked to the bathroom, the bird got out of the cage and sat on the perch and waited for Rebecca to come out.  On previous visits, Willie has attacked Rebecca.    While Rebecca waited in the hall, I walked past her and pack – Willie did nothing.  Everytime Rebecca poked her head out the bird ruffled her feathers.  When it came time to leave – I hugged Freyer and no reaction from Willie. When Rebecca did, he would try to lurch from the cage.  We did this multiple time.  Why has this cute, little bird decided my sister is public enemy number one?

It’s been a long, difficult week.  Tonight was a nice reprieve from pain, anger and training.  I am looking forward to curling up in my bed and spending some quality time dreaming.


~ by cutefatgirl on October 21, 2010.

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