i heart me.

Tonight has been a great night.  I’ve been staying positive.  No tears today.  I went to the hated destination – walmart.  Had dinner with the parents, shaved my legs, did a facial and my sister prettied up my nails.  All in all a pretty great day.  It was nice to remind myself  how much I love me.  How it’s important for me to feel sexy, pretty and deserving.

It all got started last night.  Rebecca, Rhonda and I went out for Blue Moon Fridays.  At Big Daddy’s.  I love that place.  The karaoke was decent, the beer was good.  I drank a lot of it.  I used to be quite the shot drinker, lately for financial reasons, I have been on straight beer.  The hangover is a lot worse.  I think cause when I get liquored up, I puke – so the alcohol is out of my system.  Maybe I should lay off the beer for a while, cause I was dying at work today.   Anyways – when we went out last night.  I looked hot.  It reminded me that I am a pretty girl.  I found a little bit of my sparkle again.  I like it.  I like who I am.  I want to spend some more time embracing that.


~ by cutefatgirl on October 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “i heart me.”

  1. Awesome.

    I find when I drink, I get extra chatty. Normally I’m quite shy but with liquid courage I talk to anyone.

  2. I am a chatter sober – when I get drunk it can’t shut up.

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