Conquering my scary things.

Another Friday night and at 8:00 pm, I am thinking about my two blog readers. 

I am proud of myself, I conquered my fear of scary things.  I really hate scary things.  I don’t watch scary movies … and have never read a Stephen King book.  Last night I went to Halloween Horror Nights for the first time.  I was scared.  The half dead/half sexy nurses selling jello shots made it alot more fun.  I jumped and screamed like a girl.  It was definatley a push to do some things I don’t normally do. 

That got me thinking of confronting other fears.  I am afraid of getting hurt, so do I never again let anyone again to avoid it.  I am afraid when I get sick, I will quit breathing and die.  I am afraid of roller coasters.  I am afraid I really will die childless.  I am afraid I am eating cat at chinese resturaunts.  I am afraid I really will never get better, and I will always be mad at myself for making bad choices. 

I don’t know how to conquering these fears, as they are not fixed as easy as going to a haunted house.  How do I overcome these fears?  How do they not affect my quality of life? Is a life in fear a life what a want for my life?

I have many things going on in my little head these days.


~ by cutefatgirl on October 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Conquering my scary things.”

  1. Jello shooters would def make it easier to be scared! Eating a cat at a chinese place always frightens me as well but not so much as the leg I found in my eggroll at my favorite chinese place! I was mortified! I just have to remind myself that they eat rats on a stick over there so as long as they remember this is America where cats are our pets we are all going to be okay! I love the places that cook in front of you for just that reason, lol! There are some roller coasters I will not ride…slowly I am taking control of that one by one…rode my first leg dangling roller coaster this year and the first time I screamed I am going to kill you Eddie the entire time…the second time I closed my eyes but laughed a little…the third time I kept my eyes open and told the guys I would ride it till the park closed I was not afraid anymore. Baby steps will get you there and once you have been you wont want to ever go back! Babies…I would not rule them out yet! I would not rule out love because when you do it will be there staring at you and calling out your name in a loud overwhelming way and you will give it a blank look because you gave it up. Never give up! You are far too amazing to let the great things in life go on without you! The only bad choice you ever could make is the choice not to make one at all…make em’ and learn from them and LIVE! Love ya girl!

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