me a long time ago.

My life sucked when I was sixteen – a lot of really bad things were happening to a scared little girl.  There were things I wish I knew, so I wrote 16-year-old Lisa a letter:

Dear 16-year-old Lisa:

I’m sorry in 16 years your still going to be fat – but much prettier. It gets much better.  Except the mole that on your chin you hate, still there.  

Life really does get better.  Everything is really messed up right now, but you’re a fighter.  Your smart and funny and kind.  Sadly, you will find there are not a lot of really kind people out there.  You will make it.  Your heart will be broken many times, but it wont kill you.  You missed a trainwreck hard situation with Charley.  I looked him up on Facebook, he has six kids and is pregnant with this seventh.  It’s a good thing he dumped you. 

Be nice to your sister, she gets way cooler when she’s in not twelve.  She is your forever friend, you just don’t know it yet.  She will hold the years you were mean to her over your head.  I know this is impossible to believe now, but you and your mom will work it out.  Don’t be so hard on her.  Rhonda will keep being there everyday – remember sometimes she needs your to.  When you finally try things with Shane Griffith – he is less amazing you thought.  He is merely a mortal, not the hero you had created in your head.  The friends you’ve had forever – Kat, Nikki -will still be your friends in sixteen years.  Love them.

Quit trying to find answers about Gary. Accept he is dead, move on.  Don’t let the things that changed you life, hold on to you.  Embrace your life, kid.


You of the future.

Sounds like I could take some of my own advice.  I don’t think drinking 6 beers for dinner is exactly embracing life… Will have to work on that.


~ by cutefatgirl on October 5, 2010.

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