Dear prozac,

I think I desperatley need could use a little of your comfort.  I have more ups and down than I can deal with.  One great day leads to a horrible night.  Maybe I am just crazy.  Then again, that could be why I need you.

Please Hurry,  Lis

Dear Josh Lyman,

I do realize that you are a tv character, but I still want you to my boyfriend.  I figure I get two hours of your quick mind from 8am-10am on Bravo Monday thru Friday, and I can pick up the West Wing DVD’s so I can have you on weekends, holidays and special occasions.  I will need you to send me a video tape professing your love – you know so I have something to show my friends.  I’m not sure how we will work out the sex thing, but since I am abstinent, we should be ok.


Dear Stupid Blackberry,

Why don’t you ever ring? I’m Lonely.

Ring, Lis


~ by cutefatgirl on September 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “letters”

  1. I was always partial to Sam Seaborn myself.

  2. I like sam, but I ❤ Josh!

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