it is 9am and I am eating cheetos for breakfast…

this is the kind of day it’s going to be. 

It’s raining, I have been up for an hour, I am eating junk food for breakfast … and I am not miserable.  At this very second, I am feeling something that is not misery, and that folks, is a very good thing.

I woke up strong in prayer this morning.  I had a real heart-felt chit-chat with the big guy this morning, and I think he’s actually convinced me that my death won’t come from a broken heart.  I also enjoyed conversation with my sister in my heart (ry’s sister) and a Georgia friend this morning.  I managed to speak with both of them without even crying.  This is a major accomplishment.

I have to take my certification for work today, which has me a little nervous.  That could be because I was to busy watching Chopped Masters and texting  sleeping to study.  I am smart cookie though, so I am sure I will do fine.   I mean if anyone can handle a job where you speak about babies for a living, it’s me. 

Richard Dumb, who is a smart guy if you ask me,  has been quoted as saying:

Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.

I’m not letting things happen, I am a girl on a mission.  I am making moves (that is very funny is you watch Fantasy Factory).


~ by cutefatgirl on September 29, 2010.

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