SuperFriends: Katina

These are my tributes to the people who shape my life.

This girl has been my best friend for 28, 29, 30, 31 years.  Dang we are getting old.  I have known her my whole life, even longer than my sister.  If we met now, I am not sure we would even be friends.  We are very different on every level.  I also know she has held my hand, listen to my cry and driven hours to be at my side on the most important days of my life.

Over the years, we have disappointed each other.  We don’t even talk every week.  I think of her everyday.  I am so proud of the woman, the daughter, the mother, the sister, and now Aunt she has become. 

If I haven’t seen Kat in a year, we can get together and curl up on the couch.  We will read magazines, tell each other how beautiful we are, play with each other’s hair and eat.  It will be like I saw her yesterday.  I have never been able to leave this girl without a million tears.  Kat is who I call when I need to hear I love you from someone who just loves me. 

How lucky I am to share her life… and that she chose me.


~ by cutefatgirl on September 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “SuperFriends: Katina”

  1. I guess Katina is a pretty cool chick. J/K. I love her too. I am glad that she has been a friend you can rely on through thick and thin.

  2. that she truly has been 🙂

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