im sorry.

I am an apologizer.  By nature, I always want to right my wrongs.  When we were children, my mother made me apologize for everything:  being mean to my sister, not finishing my homework, not cleaning my room.

As an adult, I still over-apologize.  I tend to take blame for everything because I want to make things right in the world.  You know what I have noticed, adults don’t generally apologize.  Not when the make little mistakes or are celebrities and make huge one.  It seems like nobody cares who they hurt.

I don’t like to hurt people, and I have hurt my fair share.  I deeply regret doing that, and I hope I have made it right with those people.  If I haven’t, I hope they tell me.  Somewhere between 14 and 30 we lose sight of empathy.  If we were all just a little bit nice to those we loved, what a  difference this world would make.

The words I am sorry I hurt you could make a huge impact on someone’s life.  It will only enrich your life to accept responsibility for the people we hurt.  It will make friendships more powerful, families more solid, and connections stronger.

Lynn Johnson says:  “An apology is the superglue of life.  It can repair just about anything. ”  I believe that.  Honestly, I don’t think I owe apologies… I’m pretty good about righting my wrongs.  This morning I was just thinking about how strong a word and what a difference a little thing, if sincere, can make.


~ by cutefatgirl on September 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “im sorry.”

  1. I too feel like I apologize a lot. Sometimes I feel like I annoy people with my apologies. Sometimes my pride gets in the way, but I am usually the first to be convicted when I need to apologize. I hate not having peace.

  2. I agree, Lauren. Sometimes I feel like my apologies are to much, but I hate unrest.

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