reasons why being single is a good thing….

Today is started out a little rough, so I went back to bed and started over.  I have decided to compile this list, so when things are bad I can remind myself that I am indeed worthy.

  1. I can buy flowers for myself.
  2. I can have a pink bedspreads .
  3. Frosted Flakes for dinner.
  4. I can keep only Pepsi in the fridge.
  5. Dating is fun.
  6. I get to sleep in on weekends. 
  7. I can watch girly movies.
  8. Ever try to compromise a movie or dinner with two kids and a man?  Life just got easier.
  9. I am going to Jamaica for my sisters birthday.
  10. No baby mama/stalker drama.
  11. I learned alot in this relationship, it will only make my next one better.
  12. I can get a kitten.
  13. I have an awesome eyebrow girl here in Florida.
  14. My pedicurist gives a great foot massage.
  15. Girls Night.

I have a list a million times longer for why I would trade it all to have my life back, but….


~ by cutefatgirl on September 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “reasons why being single is a good thing….”

  1. 16. The only laundry you have to do is your own.
    17. You can take up the ENTIRE bed.

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