begging is not classy

Life sucks. 

I always seem to find my words and loose weight when I get dumped.  I feel the need to write.  Many years ago, a blogger reminded me when I was splitting from my exhusband, what a difference a year made. 

It did.  Many heartbreaks later… I am once again counting down the days in this hell year.  All the firsts without him, all the mini rememberences, working it one day at a time.

I have to tell you, I went out with a bang.  True white trash style.  Seriously, after I got up of my hands and knees ( I was looking for something I dropped begging – I know – Don’t Judge).  I am also pretty sure if I stuck around the house any longer the police would have been called. 

It’s a sure sign your relationship is dead when police could become part of the situation.  As this was happening it was like  I was in a dream, this happens to other girls, not me.   I did my hair and makeup before I went over there to confront him.  Begging was not classy. 

On the plus side… The writing will be witty and I should loose some of this fat ass.


~ by cutefatgirl on September 6, 2010.

One Response to “begging is not classy”

  1. You have enough content to write a book.

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